International Journal of Construction Education and Research
(formerly the Journal of Construction Education)
Continuous Call for Papers Publication
Established 2004 –ISSN 1550-3984



Andrew P. McCoy, Ph.D.

Virginia Tech
Myers-Lawson School of Construction
College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA
Tel: 540.449.1861
E-mail: apmccoy@vt.edu




Managing Editor

Clifton Farnsworth , Ph.D.

Brigham Young University
Construction and Facilities Management
Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology
230 Snell Building
Provo, UT 84602 USA
Tel: 801.422.6494
E-mail: cfarnsworth@byu.edu

Associate Editor

Ben F. Bigelow, Ph.D.

Texas A&M University
Department of Construction Science
College of Architecture, College Station, TX 77843 USA
Tel: 979.458.4457
E-mail: bbigelow@arch.tamu.edu

Associate Editor

Lloyd Scott, Ph.D.

Dublin Institute of Technology
The School of Surveying and Construction Management
College of Engineering & Built Environment
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Tel: +353 1 4023984
E-mail: lloyd.scott@dit.ie

Associate Editor

Mehmet Ozbek, Ph.D.

Colorado State University
Construction Management
College of Health & Human Sciences
Fort Collins, CO 98195 USA
Tel: 970.491.4101
E-mail: mehmet.ozbek@colostate.edu



Editorial Board

Thais Alves, San Diego State University; Anne Anderson, Washington State University; Evan Bingham, Brigham Young University; Joseph Burgett, Clemson University; Jay Christofferson, Brigham Young University; Caroline Clevenger, University of Colorado – Denver; Ben Farrow, Auburn University; Bruce Gehrig, Western Carolina University; Scott Glick, Colorado State University; Denise Gravitt, Western Illinois University; David Gunderson, Washington State University; John Hildreth, Western Carolina University; Quian Huang, Southern Illinois University; Javier Irizzary, Georgia Tech; Francois Jacobs, University of Wyoming; Jacob Kovel, Central Connecticut State University; Brian Lines, University of Kansas; Svetlana Olbina, Colorado State University; Anthony Perrenoud, University of Oklahoma; James Smith, Brigham Young University; Jake Smithwick, University of North Carolina – Charlotte; Anthony Sparkling, Purdue University; Ulises Techera, University of Colorado; Blake Wentz, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Kenneth Williamson III, Texas A&M University.