Abstract and Key Words: (Example)

  • Do not include the heading “Abstract.”
  • The abstract will be formatted within a single table, one aligned left 12 pt. return between the author table and the abstract table.
  • The table size is established by setting the table’s width to 100%” and alignment to “centered”.
  • The text within the table is justified left and right and is indented one-half inch from both side margins.
  • Borders and shading must be set to “none.”
  • Font is 10 pt., Times New Roman, and is limited to one paragraph under 200 words.
  • No hard returns are to be included within the abstract.
  • The key words are to be included within the abstract table one hard return below the abstract.
  • Provide no more than five key reference words.
  • Bold only the text “Key Words:”.