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Appendix A

Peer Evaluation Form

**NOTE: Complete this form privately. This information will be used to help determine individual contribution Grade and will not be available to anyone but the instructor.
Student Name ________________________________________________ Group Number ________________________________________________ Date ________________________________________________I. Distribute 17 points to the members of your group (excluding yourself) for each of the following categories. Total points for each category should add up to 17. A higher number point implies more contribution and lower points implies less contribution.

(Alphabetical last name here)
1. Amount of work contributed
2. Attendance at group meetings
3. Quality of individual meeting participation
4. Completion of assigned work within schedule
5. Quality of assigned work
6. Individual’ value and over all contribution to the group








II. Rank the members of your group (excluding yourself) in the categories below. Do not place all members in the same category.

1. Best performer (s) _____________________________________________ 2. Good performer (s) _____________________________________________ 3. Average performers (s) __________________________________________ 4. Minimal performer (s) ___________________________________________

III. Add any comments you would like to make