Single Author’s Table: 

  • Author information will be formatted within a single table, one aligned left 12 pt. hard return between the title and the author table.
  • The table size is established by setting the table’s width to 100%” and alignment to “centered”.
  • Borders and shading must be set to “none.”
  • Authors from the same institution are placed within the same cell, joined by the word “and.”
  • The number of cells will depend upon the number of authors from differing institutions.
  • No table will be over two cells wide, but may contain multiple rows.
  • The first line is (bold) and contains the author’s first name, middle initial, and surname followed by their degree i.e., Ph.D., MSCS and certifications and licenses i.e., CPC, PE.
  • The second line (not bold) is their institutional affiliation.
  • The third line (not bold) is their institution’s city and state.


Two authors same university:

  • same as above except names are joined by the connective “and” and are contained within the same table cell.




Two Authors at Different Universities

  • The table is the same as single author name only each author and information is contained in its own table cell.




Three or More Authors

  • Author tables including authors with the same and different institutions:
  • Same as single author name table only each author group and information is contained in its own table cell.

Example #1a:3style_10


Example #1b:

  • (Table borders have been hidden to demonstrate actual example.)